Lee Turner

A random stream of thoughts and software experiments

I am an experienced software engineer with over 20 years experience working on large scale software implementations and have a passion for well crafted, pragmatically tested software. I am currently working at Crown Agents Bank as a Senior Software Engineer and have significant experience in Java, Kotlin and Spring Boot along with test-driven development and stringent source and release management processes. I am also experienced with agile practices such as scrum, pair programming and continuous integration.

I am constantly learning and extending my skills and am able to become proficient in new languages quickly. I contribute to open-source projects and write and present about software development and software testing, and I am comfortable working either as part of a bigger development team or as a solo developer.

I am a Snyk Ambassador - a voluntary role supported by Snyk for professionals who are passionate about application security, want to lead by example, champion for improved application security by increasing AppSec awareness and being active in our respective communities.

I am the founder of the Brighton Kotlin and Brighton JUG meetup groups where we bring Kotlin and Java users, enthusiasts and learners from beginners to experts, and anyone wanting to get involved with the Kotlin/JVM ecosystem together to learn and support each other.

My specialties are in Java & Kotlin microservice architectures, test-driven development and agile software development.