Lee Turner

A random stream of thoughts and software experiments

Here you can find a collection of side projects I have built for myself or others. Your mileage might vary, but you are welcome to dig in and have a play if they are useful to you.

Hugo Progression Framework

Hugo Progression is a Hugo template that can render progression frameworks using the same data format as the Monzo progression framework - find out more information in this blog post

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BlinkyTapeTestWatcher is a Kotlin based implementation of the Junit 5 TestWatcher API that hooks up your tests to a BlinkyTape LED strip - find out more information in this blog post

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pinboard2markdown is a command line tool written in Kotlin and Spring Boot that communicates with the pinboard.in api to retrieve a selection of bookmarks that are tagged with a specified tag. It then converts those bookmarks to markdown and outputs them to the terminal.

Because I built this for myself it isn’t yet packaged up as a command line tool that can be easily downloaded and used. If you are a developer familiar with Kotlin or Java technologies that you can clone the github repo and build the project. If there is any interest I will release a formal version of the project and make it so it can be run just like any other command line tool.

I use this tool to build regular newsletters for the backend developers at Crunch and to generate my Geek Reads posts

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