Building a Camel Case @DisplayNameGenerator For JUnit 5

  • February, 10 2019
  • Lee Turner

I am loving the new JUnit 5 features and the @DisplayName annotation seemed like a great idea. However, it was a lot of work to write and keep updated - especially when you like to write descriptive test method names. It just seemed like unnecessary duplication. With the latest JUnit 5.4 release and the new @DisplayNameGenerator API all of that will change.

Tooling Up - Implementing test && commit || revert (TCR) In IntelliJ

  • January, 17 2019
  • Lee Turner

This post shows how I implemented a minimal test && commit || revert inside InelliJ - and when I say minimal I mean minimal.

Hello World…​. erm again

  • January, 16 2019
  • Lee Turner

Nearly a year to the day that I posted my original Hello World post..... oh dear.

Oracle MOOC: Java Virtual Machine Troubleshooting (2018)

  • February, 25 2018
  • Lee Turner

Its been a while since I have completed one of the Oracle MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). This one on troubleshooting the JVM and OutOfMemoryErrors was particularly good.

Continuous Feedback With TDD & Auto Running Tests

  • February, 12 2018
  • Lee Turner

Listen to your code and evolve your design using TDD and auto running tests.