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BlinkyTape JUnit Testwatcher API Implementation

This implementation demonstrates a Junit 5 TestWatcher API implementation that hooks up your tests to a BlinkyTape LED strip.

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A selection of the articles, tools and announcements I have found interesting while browsing the interwebs

Copying A Branch Name In Intellij

How many times do you need to use the name of the branch you are currently working on? Up until now I didn't know an easy way to copy the name into the clipboard

Building a Camel Case @DisplayNameGenerator For JUnit 5

I am loving the new JUnit 5 features and the @DisplayName annotation seemed like a great idea. However, it was a lot of work to write and keep updated - especially when you like to write descriptive test method names. It just seemed like unnecessary duplication. With the latest JUnit 5.4 release and the new @DisplayNameGenerator API all of that will change.

Tooling Up - Implementing test && commit || revert (TCR) In IntelliJ

This post shows how I implemented a minimal test && commit || revert inside InelliJ - and when I say minimal I mean minimal.

Hello World.... erm again

Nearly a year to the day that I posted my original Hello World post..... oh dear.